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Unbound Prayer Ministry is a confidential prayer session that helps individuals unpack conflicting aspects of their life story. Perhaps it is a child hood trauma we can’t let go of. Maybe an addiction or repetitive sin that holds us back from believing in God’s love for us.


Unbound is a teachable model of prayer that empowers you to say NO to mediocrity in the spiritual life. If you are tired of the “same old, same old” in life… you want to move forward but don’t know how - reach out, we want to help!

To find out more information about the program, and find materials to grow and learn more about Unbound visit www.heartofthefather.com

To experience an Unbound Prayer session we ask that you read the first half of the book “Unbound” to prepare or listen to the Unbound Conference in the audio sessions below. Next, fill in the form and our team will contact you. Be assured you are already in our daily prayers!

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