The world can seem overwhelming... tremendous responsibility traveling at light-speed... a person can feel lost, invisible. We can be lonely even in a relationship, in a family, in a marriage, in a crowd. Deep down we might ask ourselves "Do I matter? Do I have a purpose? Am I loved?" 

Mount Carmel Place of Prayer is a spiritual stillness in this chaotic world. A place you can visit and charge the battery of your weary soul. Take in an inspirational talk, immerse yourself in a song, be empowered with a quote, pour your heart out in a prayer request that we will lovingly add to our daily prayers.


You are not alone, you matter, you have been created with an indelible purpose by the Infinite One who created everything around you. God longs to be in relationship with YOU. The mountains, the sunset, the stars in the sky, crashing waves in the ocean... they are all beautiful - they all have purpose - but they do not come close to the purpose for which you were created. You were created by God in His image... you dear friend, are created like no other human that ever was or ever will be. Regardless of your past or present, you are loved... right now as you read this. Set aside whatever you are worried about, anxious about, striving to be... and just BE STILL, be in God's presence and saturate your soul with His love